Bluff Series

A Character Driven Crime Drama.

Bluff is a SkyeLove Pictures productions produced in association with TCF4 Productions. In this high intensity crime drama, the Decina Police Department pulls out all the stops as the team, Detective Summer Brown (Jewelle Colwell) and Detective Ava Lindstrom (Alison Wandzura), work with Captain Nick Weston (Mark Gantt) and Judge Sophia Wyndom (Judy Norton), to get to the source behind the rising local human trafficking cases, and the increasingly prevalent drug issues.

Starring: Judy Norton, Mark Gantt, Jewelle Colwell

The Details

LOGLINE: Existing within their personal and professional bluffs, two undercover female detectives are forced to work together to take down the head of the most dangerous local mob boss, bluffing about who they are to him, to each other, and to themselves.

TAGLINE: “A BLUFF bought is a BLUFF believed - Trust No One”
STYLE: A 30 min character driven Sexy Cop Drama focusing on the journeys of each character and their bluffs.

LOCATION: Calgary, AB Canada
PRODUCTION CO: SkyeLove Pictures in association with TCF4 Productions
FORMAT: Digital Hi Definition
GENRE: Serialized Drama
CREATOR: Jewelle Colwell
DIRECTORS: Judy Norton, Neil Schell
WRITERS: Jewelle Colwell, Judy Norton
ASSOCIATE PRODUCERS: Bill L. Clements, Jacqueline Clements, Wendy Hill-Tout, Angela White, Aaron Zeffer

EPISODES: 6 (Season 1)


  • Nominated for Best Dramatic Series By AMPIA, Edmonton, AB April 2013
  • Official Selection at HollyWeb Festival, Los Angeles, 2012
  • Nominated for BEST TV PILOT at Banff World Media Festival 2011
  • Nominated for D-Media Chrysalis Award, 2011 (UK)

Show Synopsis

Bluff is an addictive story about truthful characters, their journeys together and the lonely moments they face within their own bluffs as the ultimate goal of personal redemption and lasting friendships is pursued by each of these multi dimensional characters. The story lines are addictive as they work together to ultimately inspire the audience to find hidden truth within the various, struggling journeys.

Exposing current societal issues, such as the still prevalent crime of human trafficking, abusive relationships, prevalent drug trafficking, parenting after divorce, political agendas, workaholism, alcoholism and personally developed bluffs of denial and self degradation beneath the topical story line of the undercover cops, Detective Summer Brown (Jewelle Colwell) and Detective Ava Lindstrom (Alison Wandzura), gives BLUFF a multi-layered higher purpose of truth and light in a society where women are frequently viewed as weak and one dimensional.

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