Why Wheel Sharks?

Reason #1: THERE’S NOTHING LIKE IT on the television landscape that addresses both the emotional and technical dynamics of one of most common and repetitive market transactions since the invention of the automobile.

Reason #2: PRODUCT PLACEMENT - Given the theme of the show, there are multiple opportunities for auto-related and lifestyle related product placements.

Reason #3: ADVERTISING - The theme of the show would be a natural vehicle for auto-related companies and services to associate with through advertising.

Reason #4: IT’S PART OF THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE, GLOBALLY - Buying and selling used vehicles is a part of daily life around the world. The first car most teenagers buy is used and the habit often continues for a life time. It is common wisdom that buying a used car, even a nearly new one, is a wiser financial decision than buying or leasing a brand new one.

Reason #5: IT’S EDUCATIONAL - Horror stories abound about people who have bought cars only to double their cost in repairs. No one wants a lemon. It is hard to know whether the “certified” inspection your local garage provides is thorough enough. Unfortunately, most auto-related TV shows tend to focus on high end cars, customer reviews, collectors’ interests, restoration and upgrades, or car-care. Currently, there are few, if any TV shows that address the fears and challenges of buying a used vehicle.

Wheel Sharks gives viewers the opportunity to ride along with two friendly mechanics and learn the ropes of buying a used car, without the cost. Along the way, and through their “in-garage” commentary on each episode, Brett and Zsolt provide tips on what to watch for in a vehicle and in a seller. But they also have a product to offer used car buyers to help them avoid buying a lemon.

TCF4 Productions - Why Wheel Sharks?

The Program

Driving home a good deal!

Wheel Sharks Wheel Sharks is a ride along reality TV show in which two seasoned mechanics with big hearts help used car buyers find vehicles that suit their budgets and desires, and avoid buyer’s remorse.

Through an entertaining combination of interviews, test drives, and interaction with a variety of sellers, Brett and Zsolt help the buyer narrow down and determine what they really want and provide viewers with tips about what to watch for when buying used vehicles.

TCF4 Productions: Wheel Sharks