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Bolivia: Treasures Within Episode S1 06 on vTV
Issue 05/2016
TCF4 Productions shows, Bolivia: Treasures Within and Wheel Sharks, are now airing on vTV - Vulcan TV.
Bolivia: Treasures Within episode S1 06 is now airing! View Teaser
Interested in watching the new episode of Bolivia: Treasures Within "Behind the Scenery" right now? In this epsisode you will get a look back at the previous 5 episodes including some additional extended content! Check out the TCF4 Productions line up on vTV.

View Bolivia: Treasures Within Episode S1 06

Project Updates.

  • Bolivia: Treasures Within
  • Wheel Sharks

Celebrating Bolivia, South America


NEW EPISODE of Bolivia: Treasures Within has been completed! In Behind the Scenery Jacqueline takes a look back at the filming of the first 5 episodes and some of the memorable moments including some extended footage. Watch Bolivia: Treasures Within right now on vTV (Vulcan TV).

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Driving Home a Good Deal!


It works like this. Buyer calls up the Wheel Sharks with a budget. Brett and Zsolt meet the buyer to narrow down some options. Then the adventure begins, and continues, till a deal is made and the buyer is happy. View Wheel Sharks episodes right now on vTV (Vulcan TV)!

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Now Available on vTV!

TCF4 Productions has signed a broadcast agreement with vTV - Vulcan Television for both Wheel Sharks and Bolivia: Treasures Within. Episodes from both shows are now available on the world's first community-based online television network. View the latest episodes here:

View Bolivia: Treasures Within Episode S1 06

View Wheel Sharks Episode s1 04

Stay Tuned!

Additional Episodes Being Released!
Stay tuned for updates on additional Bolivia: Treasures Within and Wheel Sharks episodes being released by TCF4 Productions on vTV - Vulcan TV


New Projects In the Works!
TCF4 Productions has partnered with Cheruscopic Productions which is working on some great new projects. More details coming soon!

Photo - Editor's Pick.

A Wheel Shark that crochets!
You will have to see it to believe it so watch Wheel Sharks episode "Operation Baby Wagon" to see this amazing one-of-a-kind baby blanket! View More Photos

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Teasers & Trailers.

Check out the Bolivia: Treasures Within 90 second teaser! Join Jacqueline Clements as she explores this beautiful South American country.
Check out the Wheel Sharks 2 minute teaser! The Wheel Sharks help used car buyers drive home a good deal - every time.
Looking for a bit more of the Wheel Sharks? Check out this 4 minute trailer to get a bit better idea of what this show is all about

Recent Episodes.

  • "Behind the Scenery" (BTW-106) +

    On this episode of Bolivia: Treasures Within take a look back with Jacqueline Clements at the making of episodes 1 to 5. View extended footage from the first five episodes and the most memorable people, places, things and food. This episodes also includes some of the most memorable bloopers from the first five episodes along with a few additions!
  • "Christmas On the Streets" (BTW-105) +

    On this episode of Bolivia: Treasures Within Jacqueline Clements visits El Jordan, a resource centre for street kids, that is attempting to help change the lives of many kids on the streets of Santa Cruz. Jacqueline helps in the preparation of a special Christmas meal that the centre prepares and serves to as many as 4000 street kids (and their children).
  • "A Jungle Paradise" (BTW-104) +

    On this episode of Bolivia: Treasures Within travel with Jacqueline Clements to visit a farm deep in the Amazon jungle where one farmer, in heart of a region best known for its cocaine production, takes Jacqueline on a tour to show how he decided to use his fertile land to cultivate exotic foods for the betterment of his people. In this episode Jacqueline learns how to make chocolate from scratch.
  • "Civilizations Past & Present" (BTW-103) +

    On this episode of Bolivia: Treasures Within travel with Jacqueline Clements into the foothills of the majestic Andes Mountains about 125 km from Santa Cruz to explore some Inca ruins. This historic site of a past civilization has yet to be fully excavated. Then off to the “Chaco” of southwestern Bolivia to visit the Guarani, an indigenous people group where the hard work and dedication of one man has ensured the preservation of this tribal language.
  • "The Pirai River" (BTW-102) +

    On this episode of Bolivia: Treasures Within Jacqueline Clements explores the "Rio Pirai" (the Pirai River) that runs through Santa Cruz and stops to help cook up some traditional food at the "Cabañas del Río Pirai" - thatch-roofed restaurants found along the banks of this river.
  • "The Butterfly Resort" (BTW-101) +

    Jacqueline Clements takes you on a tour of Biocentro Güempé, the "butteryfly" resort outside Santa Cruz filled with beautiful tropical birds, animals and insects.
  • "Operaton Baby-Wagon" (WS-104) +

    The Wheel Sharks take Ashley and Branden, with cash in pocket, out shopping for a vehicle that will be big enough to comfortably transport their 9-month old and rather large dog.
  • "Classic vs Common-Sense" (WS-103) +

    Brendan is a student and doesn't have much money. Unfortunately his $800 car was totalled when he was rear-ended on the highway. He needs a good reliable car to get to and from school but only has $2,000 to spend. Brendan and Mason, his cousin, enlist the Wheel Sharks to help him some wheels
  • "If She's Happy" (WS-102) +

    On this episode of Wheel Sharks Brett and Zsolt take Susan and her daughters shopping for a vehicle. Susan's husband has set a firm budget but knows that in the end what really matters is if she's happy!
  • "A Prairie Girl's Companion" (WS-101) +

    Sheraea would love a pickup truck but really just wants something she can go camping in and the Wheel Sharks find her the perfect vehicle.
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